For a Few Dollars More That how you sucking USA government should do to keep USA best tradition to rely on anyone of civilian willing to die to seek revenge or willing to die for that reward paid by anyone of your private body. You sucking USA government abuse your sucking public power to numb any one to die, you sucking stupid bad ugly evil Americans to rely on your sucking USA government to abuse your sucking public power to numb anyone to die to satisfy your sucking revenge lie, you sucking USA government and you sucking Americans must deserve to die more miserable than that numbed by you.Only when your people can have right to make living openly as a good will good skill 關鍵字廣告 killer, then, your Capitalism can have any good point to get a life. The best Your money can buy is to buy killer, because good will good skill killer can give anyone the best way to get a free light that how France told you "Give me Free or give me death", that how France willing to sell their life to help USA that founded by prisoners to get free life. Because they found out no way to give those massive death, therefore, they give those massive freedom, had they had nuclear weapon at that time, they must have no problem to give those prisoners death instead of freedom to get the reward paid by the richest and most merciful mankind. ----------------- 裝潢----------------------------------------------------------------------- (0:16:45)Good killer will not ever abuse his fire arms to press or threaten, that how those three suckers must die under fires, because they are too suck to have guts to fire, because they lack of the good skill to aim the taller to give him the fastest way to leave without fearing injure (Because none of them can be sure anyone of them can live long and sound enough to care their own injure guy the rest of his injured life. Their good will deserve them all to have the most merciful way to leave) their own guy. They did the duty to kill, there 房屋買賣fore, they all deserve the best luck to got the most merciful way to leave by the best will skillful professional killer. You want to be the good better best, you must not ever commit abusing crime, you abuse, you are liar, you are liar, you have no way to have the power of honesty, you lack of the power of honesty, you have no way to see any good point. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (0:18:41)People needs new sheriff, because people does not need a sheriff to waste their people's money to buy professional killer to do the duty to kill any suckers, people needs a sheriff who can have the best will to help the people to do better or have the best ski 室內設計ll to kill anyone of them to give anyone of them the most merciful to leave. (You abuse you public fund to commit the money power sex corruptions, you can expect more "做賊喊捉賊"-"Lead.Inn.Y.Her" phony cases.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (0:26:06)When a man cannot have his own fire arms to make self-defense, someone can have the good skill to kill his love one to get the most merciful way to leave is the best luck he can get, that man unwilling to bend under gun point deserve himself that best luck to see his love one to leave that most fastest merciful path(It is a path instead of way, because that woman cannot have that light to see die under one good gun shot is t 系統傢俱he most merciful way to leave, therefore, she lost her free mind to see that merciful light). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (0:28:42) That how Rebel can do better than your sucking government controlled court, because they have guts to respect anyone can do better than them to earn his free life, because the rebel can have the guts willing to die for anyone can do better than them. No matter that anyone looked like their enemy or their treason. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (0:29:16)Why he won nervously? Because the one killed by him indeed showed his best will to control himself to respect that rule, he feel deeply sad for a tru 辦公室出租stful enemy gun down. That how every one of those rebels sweating while the tick tick tick tick to the final sound. Not fear the death, fear they have to lost one of the best will. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (1:28:57) You know how to do the duty to kill, you must not ever commit treason crime, you spy, you must always choose the way of hide instead of Hi; because Hi means friendly greeting, friendly must not be allowed to betray friendly like. You commit treason crime to your friendly Hi, you are worse than any silent thief. That how "Do.Sin.Shot" must not afford to group with anyone, must not afford to abuse his gun to shot that hat on the floor or on the air to show off his sucking abusive crime. (1:29:28) He ob 酒店工作viously earned his good luck to got released out of that treason crime, before too late to get out of that dark. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- (1:32:47) You cannot have the good will to be a good loser, you deserve to die; you challenge that good loser who you left behind last time, you deserve to die. That how that Rebel head can deserve you to look him up for he can see that point far before I can have any idea to praise those Rebel life style. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (1:40:28) You as Rebel, you must not waste your time to fight any liar or treason caught on the crime scene, you should kill them immediately to set them free (Therefore, I realized that Rebel head did n 裝潢ot kill those 2 invaders, because he knew both of them can do better than him; he just not sure how good they may be, therefore, he let his followers played them around. Then, he tired of being surrounded by those ass kissers, because none of them can help him to do better, therefore, he plotted to kill them all so that to make sure all of his followers can get the most merciful way to leave, that may explain how come he did not kill those 2 invaders, because he want to make sure that he can have the good luck to die under the best gun shot by someone can do the shot even better than himself. And he indeed got what you wanted.); you abused your grouped force committed "1.Zhong.7.Gwar" crime, you must run out of your good luck to keep living at your free income. ----------------------------------- 租房子--------------------------------------------------------- Why that Rebel head's only personal loyalty got killed from his back by knife? Because he cannot have that good idea (His Master is born gifted talent leader, therefore, he has no problem to die for anyone who really looking him up; those Rebel members killed by him all committed the treason crime to look the money above their Rebel head, that how they could have that love enough to move them all together without the Rebel head involved to caught those two best snipers on that money site.) to know how come his master killed that rebel member. Therefore, he failed to hide his doubtable sight to do his slave must needed honest job as usual.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 系統傢俱  .
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