The film "He Walked by Night" You police should not abused your public working time, energy, money to investigate any dead body crime, anyone be killed must because that dead body no way to grow up any mankind, a man cannot grow up any mankind tall dare seat in police station to eat public fund to suck must deserve to be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later. Police be killed must be unhonorable, should silently creamated instead of treated it like nothing more important than to seek that dead body defenseless crime.Just see how suck that killed police showed abused his police power seating inside a car to bother a walking man who cannot even afford to own 關鍵字排名a car to drive to show his sucking look down to that walking man, instead of doing his duty to spy, to watch, to care, to help, to kill, must deserve be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later. Not mention those stupid bad ugly evil so called police lack of common sense to see own risky life to have the shameless to burden his wife with kids to show his crime scene of heartless unfitted to be the baby sitter of we the people, must be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later. You stupid bad ugly evil police lack of the heart to care other's left behind single parent and kids, you 買房子dare abused your police power to care your own sucker left behind, you all should be killed and go to hells rather sooner than larer. Therefore, I realized how come Jesus told Peter be alerted all the time, must because the "Police" not be allowed to use force to arrest anyone, they must have to respect the people to have the freedom to choose "Give me freedom or give me death", therefore, if "Police" don't want to give the criminal that freedom to choose, they must have to arrest that criminal while that criminal falling unconscious(like the film "Saw" showed those victims were chained while they were alertless 烤肉) status. That may explain how come Jesus was crossed and whipped to move like the Chinese farmer whipped the ox(Therefore, I realized how come none of JungShiauLin's neighborhood kids even wanted to try to call any adult to got him out of that drifting river, because JungShiauLin rided the ox, a sign even those kids knew that he must be the evilest sucker they ever known.), like Western White to whipped the horse to move the weagon. We the people needs to know that Police must have no right to force anyone of we the civilians to speak for anyone of them. Keep in mind that good Police always tell the suspected that you have your right 酒店兼職 to keep silence, not mention you are not suspected yourself, and you need to know that police must have no right to force anyone of us to betray friend or whoever seen by us as a friend figure, police want to spy anyone, they need to do their own duty, they have no right to force you to do the duty for them, you may have all your right to volunteer your time to do them a favor, they must have no right to force you to volunteer your time. Those who worked in White House with Bill Clinton to committed the crime of lie or linked to that crime of lie is or was not civilian, therefore, they must have the duty to tell special prosecutor team that appointed by th 裝潢e highest justice department the crime scene or crime material they knew, if anyone of them not have anything to do with public job, just a civilian like me, that anyone must have all civilian right to show the stupid bad ugly evil coward selfish civilian right to snab to any prosecutor's invitation to hide the voice or appearance, not mention police must have the duty to protect or gurad you the people the right to have the freedom to keep silence. Those who abused police power to press, scare civilians, must be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later. In USA, you are not military member, you must be suspected criminal, because you must either evil Chinese "Huang.Who 房屋貸款re" gangsters grouped liars remaining that lied to EU military that your were Indian, or you must stupid bad ugly evil legal or illegal immigration, or you must be those criminals white trash dumpped by your own EU authority, or you must be slaves that sold out by your own people that made you must be committed the crime of sided with those human body dealer crime, that may explain how come USA must have to emphasize that every one in this land presume innocent until proved guilty. Police must have no right to treat anyone like criminal, because anyone proved guilty must have nothing to do with police any more, because police is the baby sitting (If you police all done good job to baby sitting we the 苗栗旅遊people, there's no way anyone of you can be killed, anyone of you be killed, you need to investiage your own enemy inside yourself, you need to look at your own inside ability, integrity to see what went wrong to make anyone of you be killed. People can only know and see your uniform, people has no way to know your individual ability and integrity, anyone of you member display sucking crime, you can make all we the coward, sick, weak, wicked civilians to place the doubt to all of you. You don't have the good will and strength to look inside your own criminal, you have no right to bother any we the civilians.)we the people, they must have nothing to do with proved guilty criminal. And that police ranked whatever level 房地產person obviously showed lack of common sense and brain cell to see the fact that electronic young man spending all his time in the electronic work, and he can get rich and famous just selling his electronic, there's no way he needs to commit those robs crime as suspected, most likely he must be framed. Most likely it is a plot those grouped people inside that room are trying to steal that electronic genius inventor, therefore, they want him to be killed and take over all his inventors. That how you are gifted and talent, you must not for sale, you have to work for military and share your gifted and talent free of charge. Those police acted worse than street gangsters, street gangsters at least openly threatening you instead of hiding in 租房子 the dark to surround you, he is not fugitive, police must have no right to abuse police gun to treat him like he's a fugitive. Those police who killed that Roy committed treason crime, must be killed and go to the deepest hells with no chance to see day light again. Roy died undergrounded, because he must have no right to sold out his gifted talent in any price. You can sell your labor like horse or ox does move the weagon for man, you must have no right to sell your good sense and brain cells. You do need to investigate whistle blower First, no matter that whistle blower is police or Hillary Clinton-"The Right Wing Conspiracy".   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 面膜  .
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